About Us

   Operation Give Smile Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization operating on 100% donations and volunteers. It was conceived as a way to provide a social safety-net for mankind.

  With all the unnecessary suffering in the world today, our vision comes as a natural course of action. Our initiative is like that of anyone who cares about his fellowman and is willing to sacrifice the time and energy to do something about it.

   As such, Operation Give Smile exists to take CARE of people in need. We open our hearts to ENCOURAGE others; we put our resources on the line to EMPOWER and ENGAGE all who find themselves in need and are seeking help.       

   Our focus of service is to the following groups of people:

*  Veterans

*  Senior Citizens

*Struggling Single Parents

*Abused Women
*Underprivileged Children
*The Homeless
*The Needy

  Our organization plans to meet these goals through your help to provide the following:

*Career Advice
*Education Opportunities
*Health Services

  Please join us in giving the world a reason to smile.



           Donations are tax deductible