Projects Ongoing

     Operation Give Smile continues its breads and pastries distribution in the North West section of Atlanta. A strong focus has been in “The Simpson Rd” corridor where the need seems to be most. The residents and friends of “The Simpson Rd” corridor are showing great appreciation for the bi-monthly delivery of these items.

    If we haven’t stopped at your location as yet, don’t hesitate to flag us down as a group of young men did recently. We are definitely being recognized as the “White Van with the goodies”. We have found out that even in their state of “not-enough” most of the people we encounter are glad to make whatever contribution they can to the cause and rest assured there are always words of encouragement and a “God Bless You”, which is much appreciated and goes a long way in keeping our spirits high.

   It is our intent to continue to deliver breads and pastries to “The Simpson Rd” area. We are just beginning to get organized in our food delivery system, so look out for bigger and better things to come. We are presently looking for a permanent location where we can store and distribute our donations, prepare hot meals periodically and provide emergency shelter in extreme weather conditions.

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Our service to the community has no boundaries, so help us grow by volunteering your time, goods and/or funding. Look for us very soon in the College Park area where we touched a small group of residents in Virginia Ave. area recently. We need resources to make it consistent, so please help us help others.