Operation Give Smile Building Fund

Operation Give Smile is an organization whose goal is to provide emergency food and shelter to any one who finds him/herself in the cross-hairs of hunger and/or homelessness.

We have been mobile, operating under a tent in various parking lots in and around Atlanta, GA., serving our community as best as we can.

Even though we enjoy the outdoors and the interaction of people from all walks of life, which the tent seem to effectuate, we desperately need a building to expand our outreach goals to provide other social services, a better range of food products, clothing and other household furnishings.

As we drive around Decatur and other parts of Metro Atlanta, we see many empty buildings that are self destructing from lack of use and maintenance. And in so many cases, vandalism and loitering adds to the problems of defacement of these structures and crime in our neighborhoods. No one seems to benefit from an empty building.

We just want to put one of these resources to work for the community. And what better way than to serve the less fortunate. Remember anyone of us can find ourselves in a hungry and homeless condition. Let’s be our neighbors keeper!

You may donate money or a building. Thank you!