Dear FB,
I am so happy to announce that I have a new FB friend named Pillar Enya. I just met her yesterday while I was driving down Memorial Drive (close to Applebees). I saw a sign that said “free bread”. I was wondering what the catch was, because surely no one was giving away food in a large metropolitan city like Atlanta, especially without a signup for a timeshare. Lol.
Anyway, there was no strings attached. The bread was free. The bread was delicious. But most of all Pillar was giving out of the goodness of her heart. She stated that as a child in her native country, she endured some challenging times. She made a decision to go out and spread the love one person at a time.
I am so honored to have Mrs. Pillar Enya as my new friend.
I wish that everyone in Atlanta would stop by to hug her or give her a call.
No words can express the pride and respect that I have for you. You give from your heart, which is the most important. God will continue to bless you abundantly because he knows your heart.

Mildred Wallace