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Mission to Malawi Fundraiser Goal $20,000

-We would like to follow-up on our December 2013 visit to Malawi in the fall of 2015 to help materialize some of the projects that were started in that 2013 visit. The people need guidance and instructions on how to best use the scarce resources in the way of food, clothing and basic everyday hygiene products. They need lessons on how to build houses, schools etc. and how to tap into the electronic age.

Our fund raising activity is continuous as we strive to be prepared for the unexpected. We know that disaster can strike at any time, and we must be prepared on a moments notice to provide help and save lives. With a building, we can offer temporary shelter in times of severe weather along with hot meals, blankets, winter coats and other necessities.

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    • babayblue Post author

      Please don’t be a stranger to our plight. Any help by way of donations would be greatly appreciated. It’s easy to become one of our weekly, monthly or periodically money donors. Every little bit goes a long way. Thank you. Kindly contact us by phone or email to setup a schedule or just make your regular donations from this website.